Color Ramp Converter

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Color Ramp Converter

David Elek
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Color Ramp Converter

is a Blender addon that generates custom node groups from color ramp nodes, making a few parameters more accessible.


- Quickly convert between custom node group solution and color ramp node.

- Connected links are managed automatically by the addon.

- The created node group is NOT dependent on the addon.
  Additional features like that may be added as experimental options.

- Map range node based node group setup.

- Constant interpolation type support with a different node group setup.

- Automatically add extra nodes of chosen type to the color inputs of custom node groups.

- Remove extra nodes when converting back to color ramp node (optional).

- The custom node group can accept any color input, not just color nodes specifically.

- Shader editor support.

- Compositor editor support.

- Geometry node editor support.

- Tested on: Windows, Blender versions: 3.5.1, 3.4.1, 3.3, 3.2

- Documentation


Version v1.1.1
- Fix for node tree creation.


- Use color ramp nodes initially due to their intuitive controls.
- Convert to a custom node group to obtain additional control.
- Effortlessly convert back from node group to color ramp node if necessary.

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