3D Pixels

David Elek
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3D Pixels

is a blender project using geometry nodes that let's you create 3D pixel/pin art - like renders quickly by transforming 2 pictures into a totally new one with options to guide this process.


Made for Cycles renderer!

Tested on: Windows, Blender version: 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3


- Select an image to be used as a color map

- Select an image to be used as a height map

- Select an object to instance

- Tweak some additional settings

- Render away!


- Included a few simple materials in the .blend file to play around with

- The exposed settings in the sidebar panel are realized by using a python script that is inside the blender file and can be found under the scripting tab. A whole addon would be overkill for this and would complicate the whole process of using this project. Using a single script is much more sensible, but comes with a small inconvenience that is it’s need to be run once every time blender is opened.


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Project .blend file


3D Pixels

0 ratings
I want this!